Writing Prompt: What’s Your Favorite Candy?

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I love Snickers candy bars. I think they are delicious. I would probably eat an entire bag of fun-size Snickers bars if I had one in front of me right now. My boyfriend was sweet enough to buy a couple bags of Snickers bars…and hide them in the kitchen cabinets until the first bag was pretty much empty and the second bag was already opened. He was probably starting to feel guilty about eating so many on his own and figured it was safe to tell me. They were delicious.

Since moving into a condo, I don’t really have the opportunity to hand out candy anymore. It’s not that I miss the kids…I just miss the leftover candy that I would get to keep all for myself. Now when I’m walking through the candy aisles in stores, I just feel bad about myself since I know, without a doubt, that this candy is going straight to my stomach and no one else’s (other than Dan’s, possibly).

Well, hate to end the post right here…but I’m going to go ahead and do that. Happy Halloween!


Ghosts (and knights and hooligans and…) of Halloweens Past


(Note: I skipped my post yesterday. I apologize. To make up for it, here’s a long post full of pictures! Originally posted at A Fool Notion.)

I didn’t really do the Halloween thing this year (except for watching the Shining and eating amazing cupcakes and cookies last night), so in lieu of a costume this year, I thought I’d do a brief(ish) retrospective of costumes from past Halloweens. As I had trouble finding pictures of Little Me to share, I’ll sadly have to focus only on costumes from my 20-something days. Without further ado, here’s my retrospective in reverse chronological order:

Swine Flu, Halloween 2009. This costume was supposed to be so much cooler, but I couldn’t find a Grim Reaper robe a) in my size and b) cheaper than $60. Drew’s black hoodie didn’t quite do the trick, but whatevs. Swine Flu was an homage not only to the virus that was rampaging around our country last year, but also to my friend Kyle’s Bird Flu costume from a few years prior. Swine Flu was worn to the Boston Ski & Sports Club’s “BeWicked Ball,” and I did not win a prize for best costume. I did have a cool mask though.

“Black Panther” Michelle Obama (with “Terrorist” Barack Obama), Halloween 2008. Drew and I were completely bereft of any witty costume ideas to wear to his friends’ party… that is, until we saw an Entertainment Weekly cover that was a spoof of a New Yorker cover… everything is explained here. Anyway, I got to rock my super badass combat boots, Drew’s huge camo pants, an ammo belt, and a toy AK-47 slung over my shoulder. Plus an afro wig. The costumes looked awesome as we posed for this picture, but no one at the party knew who we were, and we got a lot of blank stares from people when we tried to explain. Oh well.

England Footie Hooligan, Halloween 2007. I had such a hard time figuring out a costume this time around. Ideas I’d think of were either too hard to make, or no one would understand (I considered Tessie from the Dropkick Murphys video, as well as Bonnie Prince Charlie dressed as a woman for his infamous escape). I started thinking of what I had laying around the apartment that I could throw together, and realized that I had a crap-load of England-related stuff. So I donned my jersey, hoodie, draped a St. George’s Cross over my shoulders, painted my face and my nails, and yelled and chanted a lot. It was especially fitting that Drew dressed as a Scotsman; it gave me the perfect target for my yelling.

Revolution, Halloween 2006. For the 2nd annual Halloween dance party at the UFhOme (the pet name of my friends’ house), we were supposed to come dressed as a concept. Some people did (April, the girl behind me in this picture, was Vanity, and we had a Self-Image and a Catch-22), most didn’t (Kyle, the guy in the foreground, was one of two David Byrnes that showed up that night). I was Revolution. I wore combat boots (see “Black Panther Michelle Obama), crazy bondage pants that I loved during college, my Communist Party shirt with a construction paper “9” on the back, my Guy Fawkes mask, a Che Guavara-esque hat, and I carried around a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book.  It was hard to dance in the combat boots, but that didn’t stop me from getting my groove on. I danced the cossack a lot.

The Knight Who Says “Ni!”, Halloween 2005. This was yet another year when I simply had no good ideas for a costume. This knight extravaganza was a result of a last-ditch effort in costume shopping at the Quincy GoodWill, where I saw this giant felt monstrosity and thought I could turn it into something ridiculous. Turns out it came with a fabric “chain mail” shirt, so I bought the closest thing I could to chain mail trousers (which were snakeskin and approximately 7 sizes too big for me), found a toy shield and sword, and carried a Beanie Baby fish around and asked people to chop down a tree with it. No one tried (except me). It’s fun looking at pictures from this party, because you can tell how drunk I am by how far our of my armor the ruff of my chain mail hood is. This picture here? Hadn’t touched a drop. By the end of the night? I looked like Kermit the Frog. It was also quite the emo evening, but that’s a story for another time.

There’s a bit of a gap in costumes during my college and high school years, not counting the “tourist” costume I wore to Salem, Mass. with friends in 2004 (a Boston hoodie that I wore all the time anyway). I don’t remember dressing up in 8th grade, but I did in 7th. Observe:

Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek, Halloween 1996. I was a Trekkie. It’s true. From 4th or 5th grade till about 8th grade, I lurved Star Trek: The Next Generation. When my parents got me this uniform, I was utterly stoked. I painted my face white, slicked back my hair, and rocked my phaser and tricorder (not pictured). Total geek. It was awesome. The friends I went trick-or-treating with this year were, I’m pretty sure, all vampires. I stuck out like a sore thumb, but it was a thumb bursting with originality and nerd pride. So there.

Unfortunately that’s all the pictures I could find from Halloweens past. Perhaps next year I will have found pictures from my younger days. Stay tuned…

Writing Prompt: Zombies Are Here, What Do I Do?

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This one is for you, Jeremiah. And from you, technically.

The first thing I would do is call my friend, Jeremiah, who seems to be the resident zombie aficionado. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about zombies to know what is and is not appropriate for protection. I’m assuming I need some kind of sword that would enable me to chop off zombie heads and limbs. Hopefully I will have done enough upper body strength training to allow me to pick up and swing the sword efficiently before this happens.

I’m also hoping there is some kind of liquid that when thrown at zombies, disintegrates their skin and eats away at anything keeping them “alive.” I should look into where I would purchase such a thing.

Based on the information I learned from the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, vampires cannot come into your home unless you invite them (I’m not sure if this rule has been upheld in all the recent vampire-loving movies and shows). I hope that zombies have some kind of rule they must follow regarding entrance to my home, preferably that they must be invited in or something I would have control over. I know that coyotes are kept away by urine — maybe that applies to zombies, as well.

I would probably have to quit my job, since leaving my condo would be unsafe. Do zombies have any rules about being exposed to daylight? I’m going to need to get groceries at some point.

Unfortunately that’s about all the time I can dedicate to prepping for the arrival of zombies. I mostly just don’t have the material.

Writing Prompt: Could You Live Without a Car for a Year?!

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The writing prompt that I submitted to Plinky got chosen as the prompt for today!!

**Mini Happy Dance**

Unfortunately, I’ve been pretty busy at work all day today and as soon as I close the library, I’ve got to bolt home to help Grace finish setting up for the Halloween party we’re throwing tonight.

As such, I don’t have time to answer my own prompt today! Boooooooooooo!!

I will, however, come back and answer it either tomorrow or Monday or something.

Being that I’m running on some seriously borrowed time, you get another writing prompt, and a very quick one at that.

Could you live without a car for a year?

I wasn’t sure if I could survive without a car when I first moved to Boston and left my sweet wheels back in Iowa. In the Midwest you drive everywhere. The thought of being unable to just pickup and go get groceries or duck out of the city or whatever was a little daunting.

It definitely took a lot of getting used to, but the oft-maligned subway and bus systems here aren’t completely unbearable and I walk just about anywhere else I need to go. That took some serious getting used to. In the Midwest, you walk from your car into whatever building you’ve just parked in front of and you bitch if you can’t find a front-row parking spot.

So, yes, I definitely think I could survive without a car because we’ve been out here more than four years now and it’s been pretty easy leaving the car behind. Not having to worry about parking, insurance, gas prices, etc, etc, etc…has been absolutely wonderful.

So Close!

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I almost missed writing a post for tonight too! Luckily this time I did drag myself out of my comfy, warm bed to post something.

This week has been a bit off for me. I started the week feeling like I might be developing a cold, so I decided not to run at all to allow my body to rest. I also did that ass-beating workout on Sunday night, which I didn’t know was going to beat my ass until a day or two later — and it definitely did. So just in case any part of me was feeling extra guilty for not running and starting to reconsider my running ban, it would have been too painful to do with the workout soreness. Then work was busier than usual. It felt like just a bunch of non-routine things were happening and I have just been out of sync all week. I couldn’t remember what day it was most of the week. I had to make crazy detailed notes on everything at work to ensure I would actually do my job and not forget something.

I’m hoping that Sunday kicks off a week that puts me back into my normal routine. It would also be great to write a semi-lengthy post at least once next week.

PS – I haven’t read either of your guys’ posts for a few days, but I’m looking forward to do that next week. I also just looked at the Plinky list and there are several that sound fun, so hopefully I can do that too. I’ve basically been logging in and clicking immediately on “new post,” without even looking at anything else, or responding to comments. I feel like I have been a functional drunk all week — I was here and did what I needed to do to get by, but it was all a blur and I didn’t go the extra mile on anything, nor will I remember most of it.

Writing Prompt: Haikuamania

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I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had a pretty long week and a big day as well.

Grace and I just spent the better part of the last five hours or so cleaning and decorating our place for our Halloween Party tomorrow and I’ve got to get a baseball article for BleacherReport in before a rapidly approaching deadline. As such, y’all are getting a writing prompt from Plinky today.

I was inspired by DGOBS’ post earlier, so I too have gone the haiku route.

Write a haiku about your favorite TV show.

Friends is the greatest.
Jennifer Aniston is
Rachel Green my love.

I love to watch Scrubs.
I think J.D. and I could
be the best of friends.

If I wrote a show,
How I Met Your Mother would
totally be it.

The Office is Jam.
Jim plus Pam equals Jam. Heck yes,
they are so damn cute.

Family Guy rules.
Absurdities aplenty are
the name of the game.

There you have it, haikus for my five favorite shows.

Feel free to rock one of your own in the comments (or else).

Haiku = My Easy Way Out

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It’s happening again. I’m going to write a haiku about the last meal I ate because I don’t have enough brain left right now to write a decent post about anything else. It’s been a long, tiring week, and I just spewed every last piece of my brain into a crap essay for my class. That’s all. My brain has shut off for the week, so this is the best I can do:

Veggie burger wrap:
Guacamole is so good;
Not lurking olives

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