Following in Jeremiah’s footsteps, let’s talk about my sports-related superstitions, shall we?

1) During the 2004 MLB playoffs (starting with Game 4 between the Sox and Yanks) I could only start watching the games after 2 innings had been played. I had to watch the games with my “Red Sox Buddy” (the guy who would become my boyfriend a few weeks later), and if we couldn’t physically watch the game together, we had to talk on the phone for at least a few innings while we each watched the games. One or both of us had to utter the word “mustache” a second before an important play was made. If possible, we had to be consuming water in Wendy’s cups during the game. If I was sitting a certain way when things were going well for the Sox, I had to stay sitting that way for as long as humanly possible.

Crazy? Yes. But who won the World Series in 2004? Yeah, that’s right. You’re welcome.

2) During the 2007 MLB playoffs, I was not allowed to watch any Red Sox games. Every time I sat down in front of the tv, bad things would start happening to the Red Sox. Even Drew, who is the most anti-superstitious person I know, started to think I was carrying a curse for my hometown team. So, I didn’t watch any of the games, and guess what happened? You’re welcome again.

3) During my first “real” soccer season last fall, my team won every game when I wore my dark blue socks. So I wore them to every game. Without washing them. I didn’t wash my jersey either. By the playoffs, my dark blue socks were pretty much permanently in the shape of my feet, and I’m pretty sure they could have walked on their own. It was gross. But we made the playoffs! (And promptly lost. I think the dirty socks thing only worked in regular season matches.)

These days, I’m not as superstitious as I used to be. Part of this may be due to the fact that Drew’s logical brain has been influencing my silly ways. Part of this may be that my superstitions have all sort of stopped working. I’ve switched up socks and jerseys with the Diamond Daves this year, but we sucked in pretty much every game so nothing helped. And I don’t really watch/care about baseball anymore, so I’ve stopped having any kind of cosmic control over the Red Sox.

Although, Spurs have lost the past few matches I’ve watched while wearing my old jersey. I bought a shiny new one and plan to wear it tomorrow. Let’s see if my luck will change…