I’m super giddy (and therefore super lame) because I just bought myself a totally kick-ass pair of winter boots. In fact, these are the first winter boots I ever bought for myself, so it’s a pretty exciting evening, let me tell you.

I always rocked the boots during my childhood… I was even one of the few kids who was allowed to play in the snow during recess because my mum packed me off to school with boots, and other kids wore sneakers because they wanted to be cool. Well who was the cool one after all?! The girl climbing snow mountains with a handful of other people, or all the losers standing on the cement and looking sad? Haha, I say. Haha!

Even in high school I always had some boots handy. Something changed when I went to college though. Maybe it’s because my campus was so uber-tiny that I wasn’t outside in the snow for more than 45 seconds at a time, so I just always wore sneakers. I upgraded to some vaguely boot-like Skechers that I still rock to this day, but unfortunately they have no traction whatsoever and are low-top, so they’re not the best for traversing icy roads or climbing through snow drifts.

In recent years, I’ve taken to wearing my Docs (with Yak Trax when it’s wicked icy), but they also don’t have much traction and aren’t much warmer than wearing a pair of Chucks. Actually, Chucks might be warmer.

Anyway. All this rambling to say that today I finally bit the bullet and splurged on a new pair of fancy-shmancy boots. (Thanks to my grandpa, Bop, for the Christmas money that went directly to purchasing these bad boys!) Now watch… as soon as I get these boots in the mail it won’t snow for the rest of the winter here. Oh well, from what I hear these puppies will last me a long time. **NERD**