Writing Prompt: Let’s Get Physical, Physical…

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It’s a Monday—which means it’s my Sunday—so I figure I’ll ease into the week with a writing prompt from the fine folks over at Plinky.com.

What does your fitness routine consist of?

My physical routine is generally quite boring and uneventful.

During the spring/summer/fall months I generally do nothing but play softball.

Last summer/fall, I was playing softball anywhere from two to four times a week. This had a pretty good impact on my endurance and overall physical well-being.

You might not think much of slow-pitch softball—and let’s be honest, you probably shouldn’t—but if you’re playing enough and you’re anything like me (read: hypercompetitive and a centerfielder) you’re likely to spend A LOT of time running.

I can honestly say that by the time my softball seasons finally wrapped up in mid-to-late October, I was in some of the best shape I’ve been in since high school.

Remember, high school? Remember when you had Phys. Ed. like three days a week and you couldn’t be a fatty unless you really worked at it (or had a glandular problem)?

Yeah…those were the days.

In high school, I looked like an anorexic 11-year-old cheerleader, but danged if I wasn’t in some solid shape. As I got older, I spent less and less time playing sports and found myself falling into considerably worse shape.

That’s why I decided that I needed to pay outlandish amounts of money for a gym membership. This was a HUGE waste of money when I lived in Southie, but now that I live a few blocks from the gym, it’s not so bad.

In fact, this is how I spend my winters attempting to stay “in shape.”

Basically, what I do is meander into the gym 3-4 times a week and sorta stare at all the equipment.

I move some things around until the bang and clank and I assume that means I’m working out. I run on the indoor track until my knees feel like they’re going to explode and then I go sit in a sauna and read the sports section of the paper for half an hour.

That’s pretty much the extent of what I’ve got for a physical fitness routine: softball in the spring/summer/fall and ill-fated attempts at gym-rattedness in the winter.

If you’ve got a better game-plan, lemme hear it in the comments…


Join the PTQ Team Today!!

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I’ve noticed a serious lack in output here at PTQ lately.

Technically, this is a good thing since the original intent of this entire blog was to get me and the two lovely ladies I write with back into the mix as regular bloggers at our own bitchin’ sites (links along the right hand column, y’all).

Things have been slow-going, but we’re definitely on the right path back to regular postingness.

I’ve attempted to recruit more writers for PTQ and the results have not been pretty. I know of at least half a dozen bloggers who are damn good writers, but have fallen off the wagon (or are back on the wagon—I can never keep it straight) in terms of their own blogging.

I have invited all of those peeps and I’ve heavily pimped PTQ to them as well. Thus far, we’ve gained one new blogger, my brother. He’s written sporadically—granted, we’ve all written sporadically—as he is just now joining the world of writers/bloggers/journalers/ranters/etc.

I’m very proud to have him not only in the mix here at PTQ, but writing in general. I’ve long been a writing pimp and tried to get anyone and everyone on the bandwagon, because—and let’s be honest here folks—writing is effing awesome.

If you’re mad; you can write about it. If you’re happy; you can write about it. If you’re in love with a zebra; there’s a whole separate section of the internet for you, but you can sure as hell write about it—likely under a pseudonym.

I’m all about writing.

My efforts here have waned considerably from posting everyday to posting once or twice a week at best. I’m down with that. It means that my own blogs are slowly (but surely) working their way back into shape.

I’m still busy out of my mind at work and in my personal life, but I really—REALLY—want nothing more in my life than to write. I think I’ve got a knack for it and I’m fairly personable in the sense that my writing often sounds exactly like the way I speak.

As such, it’s not too hard to picture yourself drinking a beer and listening to me ramble on, yet all the while I’m sitting across the world pounding on some keys and—well—drinking a beer.

Anyway, this has gotten really long-winded ( likely because I’m actually drinking whiskey and not beer tonight ) but the long and short of it is that we need some new writers here at PTQ to keep this enterprise going.

If you—or someone you know—wants to write more or needs an outlet, let me know, this is the place for you.

PTQ is meant to get writers writing.

Let me know if you need that push.

Photo Evidence: Al Davis is a Zombie

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I know, right?!

I probably should have prefaced this post with some sort of warning about hiding the children and keeping an empty trashcan nearby, you know, just in case. Unfortunately, I did not and now you’ve all been privy to my photographic evidence that Al Davis, owner/dictator of the Oakland Raiders, is–unquestionably–a freakin’ zombie!!

Seriously, take another long, hard look at all-o-that.

Do you wanna try and refute my statement?

I didn’t think so.

I’m sorry I didn’t have any sort of “real” post in me today, but when I stumbled upon this photo, I just figured the world should be made aware that the dead do, in fact, walk among us.

Lock your doors and draw the shades, y’all…because Al Davis could be peepin’ in your windows right now.

Sleep tight.

Writing Prompt: Bad for Business

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It’s been a few days since I posted here at PTQ and that figures to be the norm whilst I work on fazing myself out of the regular writing crew here.

I did, however, figure that I should post a little something and thus I’ve gone with a writing prompt from the fine folks at Plinky.com.

Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

I thought for a brief period of time that I could somehow start my own website and offer fantasy baseball consulting.

Logic eventually set in and I remembered that there are roughly 30,000 websites out there that offer fantasy baseball advice, tips, tricks and strategies for absolutely no cost whatsoever.

Needless to say, it wasn’t going to be the bountiful business venture I’d once dreamed. It turns out that people have absolutely zero incentive to pay some random dude with questionable facial hair for baseball advice when they can get the same basic advice—or at least just advice—for free elsewhere.

It’s the old “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free” thing and let’s be honest, it makes perfect sense. I mean seriously, I’m a pretty competitive fantasy baseballerizer and I’d never pay some schmuck for fantasy baseball advice because I know that I know more than 90% of the peeps out there.

I assume any fantasy baseballer worth their salt feels the same way. That having been said, to think it’s worth not only asking for but paying for someone else’s advice is straight up poppycock.

So yeah, my fantasy baseball consulting business hasn’t really gotten off the ground floor and doesn’t really figure to anytime in the near future.

I guess I’ll have to go back to my other game plan of releasing a line of zombie apocalypse preparation-themed workout DVDs.

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack…

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Somebody sound the alarm, Gravey is back and ready for action.

After taking a much needed break over the holidays to recharge my batteries and center my chi and various other break-related clichés, I’m back.

My hope is that I can officially move on from PTQ within the next month or so if/when I get my regularly-scheduled blogging back in gear. I’m feeling a great urge to write lately, so hopefully it’ll all work out.

I’ve been working on some of my super geeky creative writing lately and trying to come up with a consistent stream of blog stories as well. It’s hard because—as anyone who has read my crap on a frequent basis knows—I’ve been so busy and overwhelmed at work lately and that doesn’t figure to change any time soon.

My good friend, Travis said something to me over break that really stuck with me.

“If something is important to you and you really want to do it, you make the time.”

Travis was right. I’ve been saying “I’m too busy” as my default excuse for letting lots of things slide in the past year or so. I felt sorta off-kilter through most of 2010 and I think that was a big part of it, I was busy. I was very, very busy and I let a lot of the things I really enjoy slip to the wayside as a result.

My writing suffered. My fantasy baseball suffered. My overall ambition suffered. Lots of things suffered, except for the amount f time and effort I put into my job.

In 2011, I’m going to try and make a more concerted effort to do the things I really want to do and stop brushing them aside.

I love to write. Few things make me nearly as happy as finishing a well-written story or blog entry or essay or short-story or whatever and I am going to aim to get that feeling a little more frequently this year.

I figure January 10th was a good day to jump back in as I’ve been back in Boston for almost a week now and been back to work and the holidays are clearly in the rearview mirror. It’s time I brush off the 2010 dust and prepare to dive headlong into 2011.

Here’s hoping I can get my shit together.

Oh yeah, and Happy New Year, y’all.

Better late than never, right?!

A New Year

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I haven’t forgotten about PTQ, I swear! The holidays distracted me, and then I went on a furloughcation for a while and didn’t want to be connected to the interwebs at all (other than checking Tottenham’s scores and table rankings). So… yeah. I’m going to try to be better from now own.

That said, I’m going to plead my way out of writing a real post today because I just posted one at my other blog, and I don’t think my brain can handle two substantial posts in one day at this point. Besides, I have Pillars of the Earth to go lose myself in. So here are links to my last two posts at A Fool Notion:

DGobs’s 2010 in Review

DGobs Revisits Goals Set in 2010

Not Dead Yet

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I’m not dead.

My lack of posts may indicate otherwise, but I promise, I’m alive and well. Things have been incredibly busy in the past week or so as I’ve struggled to finish up a bajillion things at work and home before vacation/furlough.

Traveling always kicks writing/creativity/etc. in the balls and that appears to be the case again. I’m worn out, dealing with limited internet connectivity and availability, trying to get all my Christmas shopping done and just feeling pulled in all directions.

As such, I’m officially taking a short-term “leave of absence” from PTQ for the reminder of my vacation/furlough. It is just too hard to write consistently here at home and I hate feeling guilty about not writing.

I’ll be back–gun’s a blazin’–in the New Year, but for now, I’ll only be posting if/when time permits.

See y’all in 2011…

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